Attaching Taps with Nails

Instructions are from

Materials needed:

Iron Last/Shoe Anvil

Nail Set

Nails & Taps & Shoes

1. Place the taps where you want them and trace around them with a pen or pencil. Toe taps should be placed slightly in from the front tip of the shoe, not quite flush with the edge. A buck tap flange will rest lightly against the tip of the toe. Heel taps are also placed slightly in from the edge of the shoe. Taps should cover most of the toe and heel area but not extend beyond the edge of the shoe.

2. Pull back the inner sole of the shoe if you can. Place shoe on a shoe anvil or iron last.

3. Position taps. Nail on taps angling the nail inward toward the center of the shoe (and away from side edges). Make sure the nail hits the iron last and is bent over flat. You will need a nail set to get inside the outer nail hole and drive the nail all the way in tight.

4. Put your hand carefully into the toe of the shoe and feel if any nails are sticking up. If so, hit the nail again on the iron last until the nail is bent over flat inside the shoe.

5. Replace the inner sole of the shoe after taps are in place.