Intermediate 2 Class Syllabus




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Attire: Please wear modest comfortable clothes (like a T-shirt and shorts/capris) you can move and sweat in. Pants shouldn't be too long, make sure you can see your feet and nothing interferes with the tap sounds. Bring your clogging shoes and a water bottle. Please tie hair back away from your face and do not chew gum during class.

Content: (flexible and subject to change)

Intermediate 2 Steps

Technique: Same as beginning level and . . .

  • Posture (shoulders back & down)
  • Drag/Slide & Bounce (dynamic, not flat)
  • Smooth Transitions Between Steps
  • Keep Balance During Direction Changes & Turns
  • Clear Tap Sounds
  • In Position for Figures (good spacing)


  • Warm Up: Shout & Feel It--Tom Cunningham Orchestra; Top of the World--Imagine Dragons
  • Gone --- Montgomery Gentry
  • Magic Carpet Ride --- Steppenwolf
  • Figure Piece: Unionhouse Branch--Alison Krauss; Connemara --- Ricky Skaggs; Megablast --- The Real McCoy
  • Freestyle
  • Short Duet


  • Right and Left Grande
  • Tunnel/London Bridge
  • California Turn
  • Whips
  • Chase the Rabbit
  • Georgia Rang-a-Tang
  • Promenade Position
  • Columns
  • V