1. Have good posture by keeping core muscles engaged. Your torso should be lifted and stable, not leaning forward or to the side.
    2. Keep your knees bent and active, springing off and landing on the balls of your feet.
    3. Start slow and hop high enough to give yourself time and space to complete the brush of the pullback. Visualize the weight of your body traveling vertically upward, freeing up your foot to brush weightlessly against the floor.
    4. Hop by pushing off the ground using your quad and knee rather than your ankle and toes, so your foot is free to flex rather than point toward the ground.
    5. Take a class from Gary Larsen if you have the opportunity.
    6. Don't film yourself doing pullbacks when you haven't done them for over two years and you are completely fatigued. . . sorry about my form, but you'll get the idea.

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