• Cloggers may wear Oxford style, Mary Jane style, or Split-Soled leather shoes.
    • Shoes can usually be ordered in white, black, or tan. Some groups spray paint their shoes other colors.
    • White shoes are easier to see on stage than black shoes, but need to be polished more often.
    • Beginner cloggers may buy white flat-soled Keds with canvas or leather uppers and install taps.
    • Another entry-level option for young children: clogging taps can be installed on the black plastic Mary Jane-style tap shoes sold at Payless or other budget shoe stores.
    • Intermediate cloggers usually wear oxford style leather dance shoes. As the technical demands of a clogging class grow, so does the need for a more supportive and flexible shoe.
    • Advanced cloggers who perform toe stands generally prefer split-soled shoes. Dance Fair brand "Signature Split-Soles" are popular now.
    • Non-skid pads may be installed (below the tap under the ball of the foot) at a shoe shop if dance floors are too slippery. Alternatively, cloggers use duct tape or even hairspray to increase traction.
    • Don't be afraid to experiment with flexible cushions and pads for support and shock absorption. Cloggers performing toe stands may use lambswool and/or Bunhead Ouch Pouches.
    • Taps can be attached to split-soled dance sneakers for a practice shoe that is more comfortable.
    • If you do not have access to a local dance shoe store or used-shoe swap, here are some options (not affiliated with this site):

Backstage Dancewear (Bonnie Steele)

Phone: (801) 446-0192 Utah

Carl's Clogging Supplies South Carolina

Steven's Clogging Supplies Pennsylvania

Midwest Clogging Connection Wisconsin

Clog On

eBay "Clogging Shoes" or "Tap Shoes"

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