Clogging Taps

Clogging taps have two layers of metal that jingle against each other. There are a few different types of taps. Please note that any type of tap will develop sharp edges if you dance on rough or abrasive surfaces. The tap will wear out much faster and cause damage to dance floors.

Bell Taps

After dancing many years with Stevens Stompers, I now prefer Bell Taps. Bell taps are lighter and have a clear, mellow sound that is more consistent and clean. Bell Taps also cause less damage/nicks to floors because they are designed with no rivets. Tap dimensions and prices

Stevens Stompers

Stevens Stompers are the most commonly used tap. They come in large, medium, and small, to fit the heel size of your shoe. Buck taps have a 'flange' or small steel plate that curves around the tip of the toe. Regular taps do not. Advanced students often choose regular taps because the flange can be slick for toe stands. A shoe repair/cobbler shop will generally install these taps with nails.

Basic Tap Installation Instructions

Taps may be nailed, screwed, and/or glued on to shoes. Sometimes glue may be used to reinforce the nails. Personally, I prefer using screws to attach taps.

Attaching Taps: with Screws, with Nails, with Glue

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Bell Tap for Clogging Shoes

Bell Tap

Stevens Stomper Tap for Clogging Shoes

Stevens Stomper

Bell Taps

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