Warm Up

Before Dancing

A dynamic warm up can improve your dancing and prevent injuries. Dynamic stretches lubricate your joints, increase your range of motion, and prepare muscles and nerves for more intense activity.

Here are examples of dynamic warm ups for dancers explained by physical therapists. Turn on some fun music and practice these moves for 5 to 10 minutes before classes and practices.

Example of a Dynamic Warm Up Routine

16 slow counts each:

    • Neck Rolls
    • Shoulder Rolls
    • Arm Circles
    • Toe Point & Flex
    • Ankle Circles
    • Toe Tap Drops
    • Heel Drops
    • Torso Twists
    • Hula Hoop Hip Circles
    • Knee Bends & Calf Raises (Plie & Releve)
    • Marches on Toes
    • Toy Soldier Kick Ups
    • High Knee with External Rotation
    • Walking Lunge & Twist
    • Lateral Lunges (or Cossack Stretch)
    • Backward/Forward Hip Rotation
    • Ankling
    • Quick Skips & Power Skips
    • Rear Kicks
    • Carioca (or Grape Vine Runs)
    • Squat Jumps