Attaching Taps with Glue

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Materials Needed:

Shoe Goo or Goop Adhesive

Masking Tape or Round Stickers

Steel Wool or Sand Paper

Stevens Stomper Taps and Shoes

1. Wipe tap and sole of shoe clean. Scratch up the shiny underside of the taps with steel wool or sand paper to make the glue adhere better.

2. Place the taps where you want them and trace around them with a pen or pencil. Toe taps should be placed slightly in from the front tip of the shoe, not quite flush with the edge. A buck tap flange will rest lightly against the tip of the toe. Heel taps are also placed slightly in from the edge of the shoe. Taps should cover most of the toe and heel area but not extend beyond the edge of the shoe. If using a sports shoe that curves up at the ends, set the taps in far enough that the tap will lay flat against the sole.

3. Press one of the adhesive dots onto the underside of each rivet hole to keep glue out of the rivet. Or, you can use little bits of masking tape to cover the inside of the rivets.

4. Apply glue to the inside of the pencil marks on the bottom of the sole. Also apply it to the underside of the tap. You will need lots of glue to fill up the gap between the sole of the shoe and the underside of the tap (and to fill in any deep treads).

5. Press taps into place and hold taps in place with masking tape until adhesive dries completely (24 hours).