Explanation & Disclaimer

This "Step Video Library" is presented as a resource for both instructors and students.

It may be used as a jumping off point when brainstorming for choreographies.

It could be used as a reminder of what was taught in class when students are practicing at home.

Videos are demonstrations, not instructional.

Steps are cued on one side, but you are strongly encouraged to reverse footwork and start on the opposite foot as well.

Of course this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of steps.

There are as many steps and variations of them as there are dancers.

Instead, it contains some basic steps that are familiar to many (although they may be called by different names).

Most of these have been taught widely at workshops and studios by talented choreographers and teachers who deserve the credit for coming up with them.

The steps are organized according to level of difficulty and general type of step or category.

This organization is subjective. Steps that may come naturally to one person may take more time for another to master.

Hopefully the demo videos and written cues are helpful. Please be kind enough to overlook my mistakes.

Again, this was never meant to be authoritative or comprehensive. There is no single 'right' way to clog, so use and adapt what you like.

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