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Double Buck (Pitter Patter) Advanced Basic Technique 140 
Double Buck with Knock Advanced Basic Technique 141 
Skuffle Advanced Basic Technique 142 
Bounces Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 003 
Brush Lifts Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 008 
Double Basic Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 017 
Double Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 014 
Drag Slides (Chugs) Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 004 
Fancy Double Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 018 
Flange Step Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 024 
Heel Dig-Toe Drop Walks Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 023 
Heel Drops Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 021 
Heel Lifts Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 009 
Heel Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 005 
Kick Basics Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 015 
Kick Lifts Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 010 
Kick Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 007 
Knock Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 006 
Rock Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 013 
Runs Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 002 
Single Basic Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 016 
Skuff Ups Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 012 
Stomp Double Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 020 
Stomps, Steps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 001 
Toe Slaps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 022 
Touch Lifts, Stamps Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 011 
Triple Beginning Basic Technique Fundamentals 019 
Boogie Basics Intermediate 1 Basic Technique Variations 049 
Crazy Legs Intermediate 1 Basic Technique Variations 047 
Drag Basics Intermediate 1 Basic Technique Variations 048 
Fancy Kick Intermediate 1 Basic Technique Variations 051 
Touch Chugs Intermediate 1 Basic Technique Variations 050 
Shuffle Chugs Intermediate 2 Basic Technique Variations 093 
Single Buck Intermediate 2 Basic Technique Variations 090 
Single Buck with Knock Intermediate 2 Basic Technique Variations 091 
Sway Basics Intermediate 2 Basic Technique Variations 092 
Jump Chug Beginning Bounce Steps 025 
Scissor Bounces Beginning Bounce Steps 026 
Drigger Intermediate 1 Bounce Steps 053 
Hey You Intermediate 1 Bounce Steps 052 
Twist Bounces Intermediate 1 Bounce Steps 054 
Double Up Bounce Intermediate 2 Bounce Steps 094 
Hippity Hop Intermediate 2 Bounce Steps 097 
Hit Hop Bounce  Intermediate 2 Bounce Steps 095 
Pinwheel Bounce Intermediate 2 Bounce Steps 096 
Bada Bing Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 152 
Canadian Kicks Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 145 
Canadians Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 143 
Canadian Walk the Dog Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 147 
Double Doubles Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 149 
Double Double Variations Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 150 
Heel Click Entry Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 154 
Hop Skuffles Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 151 
Syncopated Canadians Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 144 
Syncopated Triple Touch Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 148 
Train Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 153 
Triple Canadians Advanced Canadian (Hop Shuffle) Steps 146 
Flatfooting (& Scoops) Advanced Heel Work Steps 158 
Gregory Advanced Heel Work Steps 156 
Gregory Switch Advanced Heel Work Steps 157 
Pater Chain Advanced Heel Work Steps 155 
Syncopated Heel Clicks Advanced Heel Work Steps 159 
Heel Rocker Beginning Heel Work Steps 029 
Turkey (& Turkey Turn) Beginning Heel Work Steps 027 
Walk the Dog Beginning Heel Work Steps 028 
Burton Shuffle Intermediate 1 Heel Work Steps 056 
Heel Spin Intermediate 1 Heel Work Steps 057 
Heel Turn Intermediate 1 Heel Work Steps 058 
Black Mountain Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 099 
Black Mountain Jump Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 100 
Catawba Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 098 
Eric Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 103 
Heel Click Basic Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 104 
MacNamara Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 101 
MacNamara Strut Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 102 
Walk the Dog & Snip its Ears Intermediate 2 Heel Work Steps 104.1 
Jr. Freestyle Advanced High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 162 
Pick Ups Advanced High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 161 
Weed Pullers Advanced High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 160 
Double Lick Intermediate 1 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 060 
Mountain Basic Intermediate 1 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 061 
Skuff Singles, Doubles, Triples Intermediate 1 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 063 
Skuff Up Runs Intermediate 1 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 062 
Triple Lick Intermediate 1 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 059 
Blitz Kick Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 112 
Cow Tail Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 108 
Flea Flickers Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 106 
Hard Step Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 107 
High Horse Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 111 
Hoedowner (Parrott's Step) Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 105 
Kick Lift Claps Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 109 
Only Wanna Intermediate 2 High Knees and Lift Behind Steps 110 
Cotton-Eyed Joe Beginning High Knees Steps 032 
Rocking Chair Beginning High Knees Steps 030 
Windshield Wipers Beginning High Knees Steps 031 
Blakester Intermediate 1 High Knees with Turn Steps 066 
Blakester Spin Intermediate 1 High Knees with Turn Steps 067 
Karate Turn Intermediate 1 High Knees with Turn Steps 064 
Soccer Turn Intermediate 1 High Knees with Turn Steps 065 
Ghostbuster Turn Intermediate 2 High Knees with Turn Steps 114 
Karate Rock Intermediate 2 High Knees with Turn Steps 113 
Scotty Intermediate 2 High Knees with Turn Steps 115 
Scotty Spin Intermediate 2 High Knees with Turn Steps 116 
Shuffle Hop Backs Advanced Irish Steps 163 
Shuffle Hop Knocks Advanced Irish Steps 164 
Clog Over Vine Beginning Lateral Cross Over Steps 033 
Crabwalk Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 078 
Flange Basic Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 071 
Kentucky Drag Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 075 
Kentucky Loop Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 076 
Samantha (& Samantha Turn) Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 077 
Single Loop Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 070 
Slur Basic Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 072 
Slur LIft (& Triple Slur LIft) Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 074 
Slur Turn Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 073 
Triple Loop Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 069 
Vine with Loops Intermediate 1 Lateral Cross Over Steps 068 
Ankle Breaker Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 117 
Dragger Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 123 
Ida Red Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 129 
Joey Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 125 
Kentucky Drag Rooster Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 122 
MJ Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 120 
Mountain Goat Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 126 
Rock Slur Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 119 
Rooster Run Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 121 
Shave and a Hair Cut Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 127 
Slur Rooster Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 118 
Utah Brush Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 128 
Whiplash (& Tell Mama) Intermediate 2 Lateral Cross Over Steps 124 
Double Bounce Gallop Advanced Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 165 
Gallop Skuff Runs Advanced Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 168 
Knock Around the World Advanced Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 169 
Skuff Gallops Advanced Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 167 
Wind Up Gallop Advanced Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 166 
Airplane Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 036 
Chain Rock Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 034 
Donkey Stomp Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 037 
Outhouse Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 038 
Petticoat Pump Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 040 
Pump Touch Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 039 
Push Off Beginning Rock Step and Touch Lift Steps 035 
Charleston Intermediate 1 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 082 
Gallop Intermediate 1 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 081 
Pigeon (or Pothole) Intermediate 1 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 079 
Triple Pigeon Intermediate 1 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 080 
Heel Split (Summey) Intermediate 2 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 133 
Heel Toe Gallop Intermediate 2 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 131 
Simone Hard Step Intermediate 2 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 130 
Swim Intermediate 2 Rock Step and Touch LIft Steps 132 
Toe Heel Swivel Advanced Tap 169.9 
Cramp Rolls Advanced Tap Steps 172 
Itty Bittys Advanced Tap Steps 175 
Pull Back Variations Advanced Tap Steps 174 
Toe Cramp Rolls Advanced Tap Steps 173 
Toe/Heel Stands Advanced Tap Steps 170 
Toe Stands Advanced Tap Steps 171 
Dog Paddles Beginning Transition and Turn Steps 042 
Step Touch Beginning Transition and Turn Steps 041 
Jazz Square Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 084 
Jumping Jack Turn Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 085 
Pivot Turn (or Basketball Turn) Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 083 
Simone Stomp Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 088 
Syncopated Stomps Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 087 
Toe Heels Intermediate 1 Transition and Turn Steps 086 
Cha Cha Intermediate 2 Transition and Turn Steps 135 
Pivot Switch Intermediate 2 Transition and Turn Steps 134 
Scoot Intermediate 2 Transition and Turn Steps 139 
Time Step Intermediate 2 Transition and Turn Steps 138 
Touch Steps Intermediate 2 Transition and Turn Steps 136 
Cowboy Beginning Travel Forward Steps 044 
Tiny T Step Beginning Travel Forward Steps 046 
Triple Lift Beginning Travel Forward Steps 043 
T Step Beginning Travel Forward Steps 045 
Malibu Stamp Intermediate 1 Travel Forward Steps 089 
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